I discovered this little treasure during another one of my city adventures back in early 2012. As always, I had a keen eye for something out of the ordinary; as well as something wholesome and fulfilling.
Amongst the bigger and more dominant players down Melbourne's tourist hotspot and premiere laneway, Degraves Street, is this humble little organic food deli, a haven for all those who are health-conscious.

What struck me most about The Organic Food and Wine Deli was its passion for the environment, and appreciation for 'real' food and organic produce. The coffee is fairtrade, the menu is made up entirely of local organic produce, the takeaway cutlery and packaging is made from sugar cane fibre designed to break down in 6 weeks; even the walls are painted using 'biopaints' and the shelves placed on them are constructed from low emission plantation timber. Everything about TOFWD* breathes green.

The variety of premade lunches makes it ideal for those on the run. Select from a range of wholemeal sandwiches, pies and pastries, vegan sushi rolls and salads, and top off with a piece of gluten, wheat sugar and preservative free carrot cake or chocolate brownie for those with a bit of a sweet tooth ;)

Wholemeal sourdough pumpkin & tofu pie
I usually go for the Buckwheat & Chickpea Lentil salad when I come here, only to my dismay, they had completely sold out of them on this particular day. So I opted for my second favourite item on the menu, the pumpkin & tofu pie. Due to the rain, I had to eat in, which does come with an extra cost. Because it's premade, they reheat the pie in the microwave, which may result in uneven heating as it did in my case today. Despite this minor flaw, however, it's usually a satisfying meal and leaves you feeling pleasantly satiated.

The vegan chocolate brownie, on the other hand, never ever disappoints! I definitely must try for all the health-conscious chocolate lovers out there.

When I'm looking for something healthy, tasty and convenient, TOFWD* is always my go-to.

Degraves Street
Melbourne 3000

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  1. Unfortunately you didn't get to sample some of Australia's
    finest Biodynamic Organic Kerner Cuvee sparkling wine.