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Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Chapel Street is new kid on the block, Third Wave, sister establishment to the original Third Wave Cafe in Port Melbourne. Having already laid a strong foundation with the original, it was time for the Russian husband and wife team to head south to spread their Gospel message of good food and great coffee.

Upon arrival, Greg Rips, the managing owner, greeted us with warmth and kindly explained the story behind the concept and the menu, and even took the time to describe where they source all their ingredients from - using only local suppliers and ensuring all produce is fresh and of top quality.
His style is an interesting fusion of  all-American BBQ and Russian cuisine inspired by his native background, presented in a neatly decked out setting with chic, minimalist interiors, and even a green wall.

The extensive two page menu provides options to satiate any and every craving, which, as usual, placed me in the first-world-dilemma of having to decide exactly what I wanted to have this morning. 
I was more than happy to leave the decision up to the expert, Greg, who offered us three dishes - an opportunity to thus try the best of the sweet and savoury to appease all cravings.

But first thing's first, the coffee.

Hazelnut hot chocolate
Third Wave also have an extensive hot drinks menu, which includes your traditional favourites whichever way you like them, and also introduces new and exciting flavours like Hazelnut, Caramel, Mint and Raspberry (just to name a few). Again, the variety of the menu offers alternatives for everyone, even non-coffee drinkers like N. She opted for the Hazelnut hot chocolate and could barely wait to give it a try when it was served up. It was generous and flavoursome, exactly the way N likes.
My Caramel latte was also brewed to perfection - silky and smooth with delicious hints of infused sweet caramel; but as per request, I didn't post the photo and will instead let your imaginations take over.

Shortly after, our meals were delivered.
Eggs Florentine and Benedict fusion GF

N's eggs were presented to cook-book-picture perfection. Perched upon two pieces of crusty GF toast 
and juicy bacon, coated in a gorgeous creamy hollandaise sauce were two pleasantly plump poached eggs; pockets of rich and golden oozing yolk.

Smoked Salmon Omelette
My dish was an incredibly fluffy and spongey envelope of tender smoked salmon and stringey, melted-cheesy goodness, accompanied by crispy ciabatta toast and a refreshing salad of zesty chives. The rich taste and colour, a result that could only be achieved using the freshest eggs.

Cherry Cheese Blintzes
And then finally, the sweet meal. Just as we were beginning to feel full, we were presented with this traditional Russian dish, the Cherry Cheese Blintzes, cousin to the French crepe and Polish nalesnik - one of my favourite dishes as a child growing up. Except mum would always serve them warm, and rolled up with lemon and sugar. 
These two gorgeous pillows of creamy, decadent cheese were embellished with notes of sour cherry and sweet blueberry jam to top it off. This rendition - served cold - was so smooth, I practically inhaled it. N and I, quite literally, scraped the insides dry, because it would have been a crime to leave it half finished.

A mere 4 weeks old, Third Wave in Prahran is small and unpretentious, which is more than mad eup for by its generously broad menu. The meals, made fresh to order, with an impeccable quality that speaks volumes of the head chef's skill and talent; coupled with the friendly and down to earth service, are the pillars of a successful establishment, which is clearly the direction Third Wave is headed.

Thank you to Greg and team for the delightful experience this fine Saturday morning.
Can't wait to try out the American BBQ inspired lunch and dinner menus!

Third Wave
30 Cato St
Prahran 3181
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