Waikiki Peach

2014 has been a bit of a year of change for me so far. Along with sticking to a budget, I've also resolved to be a happier and more positive person by eradicating the negativity in my life. One of the biggest changes I've made so far is deciding to transfer stores.
At the beginning of this month, I decided to make the tree-change to Brighton.

A new suburb means new and exciting places to dine during my lunch breaks; and with a prime location on Church Street, I am literally overwhelmed with the choices! Today, in honour of the splendid weather we've been having all year so far, I decided to cool down with some refreshing froyo.

The interior lends itself to its bayside surroundings, with walls decorated in summery/beach themes including a surf board feature.
As you transition into the pleasantly cool interior in search of solace from the sweltering outside heat, you are greeted with an array of fresh toppings and a bay with six fat-free frozen yoghurt flavours. In typical self-serve style, you grab a cup of your desired size, choose your flavours, polish off with some delicious toppings and then weigh and pray you haven't gone too far overboard ;)

This was 250 grams, and I paid $7. I was a little surprised by how dear it was considering I can go to YoChi and pay around $5 for the same weight (actually I could probably get even more...).
The yoghurt was slightly more creamy than tart, but the flavours were vibrant and went down like velvet.

It might be an expensive habit to maintain, so will probably have to save my trips for special occasions!

Waikiki Peach
31a Church Street,
Brighton, VIC 3186

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