Two Birds One Stone & Adriano Zumbo

Being faced with the first-world dilemma of where and what to eat this balmy summery November morning, N and I agreed to kill two birds with one stone with a trip to Claremont Street in classy South Yarra for some breakfast and a cheeky dessert afterwards.

The street-facing glass facade of Two Birds One Stone opens up the interior to the outside world with the warm golden-yellow glow of the industrial-like light fittings; inviting you in to a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with its homely warmth.
In typical Scandinavian style, the interior decoration is chic simplicity at its finest.

Sliding into one of the cosy booths, N and I were promptly greeted and handed the menu along with the specials for the day.

Always one to make the most of every experience, I thought I'd go for one of the specials, because I know for a fact I will be back here to try more.

By 10:30am, the mercury was already rising beyond the 30s, and I was thirsty for something cold! Nothing quenches your thirst quite like a tall, icy glass of fresh fruit juice!

N's benedict eggs were served with a bearnaise sauce, which lacks the acidic, vinegary taste of the typical hollandaise sauce. As always, her eggs were paired with GF toast and a side of juicy protein-filled delicious ham hock.
I was feeling fruity, and felt like the toasted muesli kept screaming out my name. I got mine with a side of soy milk to wash my muesli down with. I loved the texture of the crunchy nuts, paired with the cool smooth fruity yoghurt and sweet hints of fresh strawberries and tangy kiwi. A perfect summery dish to complement the perfect summery weather.

Before we left though, we simply had to make a pit stop at the newly opened Adriano Zumbo. Imagine entering the set of Katy Perry's 'California Girls' video clip.
It's like a confectionery wonderland, where the elegant pastries and desserts bask in a glow of hot neon pink from the large Zumbo's sign.

The ornate sofas drip and ooze a form of a pink, sticky goo, resembling somewhat of a melting marsh-mellow.

And the dessert, with their vibrant colours and lavish decoration, by all means become part of the architectural experience themselves. These are not just your regular dessert, these are pieces of meticulously crafted art. It almost seems criminal to demolish such beauty.

But we couldn't resist this adorable neon green mound. It was one of the only gluten-free cake options too, so perfect to share between N and I. Beneath the outer olive oil and almond milk gel coatings, there was a decadent bergamot mousse, and a chewy vanilla macaron atop a crunchy flourless chocolate cake base. Remarkably well executed and constructed; the effort taken to make this was almost mocked by the effort taken to consume this.

And of course, we had to try the infamous zumbarons. The apple pie was highly recommended; and I couldn't look past the adorable pink fingerbun! Talk about a trip down memory lane; the way Zumbo captured the essential coconut flavour of the fingerbun took me right back to my childhood days of trips to Bakers Delight for these delicious sugary treats.
With plenty of other flavours to choose from, I have to make a trip back here as soon as possible!

Two Birds One Stone
Claremont Street,
South Yarra VIC, 
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Adriano Zumbo
Claremont Street
South Yarra Vic,
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