Huff Bagelry

It's 9:30 on a Friday morning; you're feeling fresh and energised after your workout. The air is crisp, and as the sun begins to rise, it melts away traces of the morning dew, until it finds its place in the clear blue sky above, full of hope and promise.
The only thing needed to cap off this start to the morning? A breakfast date at Carnegie hotspot, Huff Bagelry, for some fresh bagels and delicious coffee!

I've been here too many times, so it's almost a crime that it's taken me so long to write a review.

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It's a very neat layout - a large window at the coffee counter opens up to the outside for those who want speedy, take-away service.
Meanwhile, a variety of tables allow diners to enjoy their meals in the warm indoor atmosphere, or the fresh weather outdoors.

Imagine if Subway introduced gourmet toppings, and specialised in bagels?  That's the premise behind Huff. There are so many options here, you are bound to be overwhelmed, especially if you suck at making decisions like me!
Sweet-tooth? Go for the chocolate or blueberry bagel with cream cheese and jam, or peanut butter, or even nutella! Or you may prefer something savoury for breakfast? Simple - you'll be spoiled for choice with options like rye, wholemeal, sesame, poppy seed... there's even an onion flavoured one if I remember correctly!
Now for the toppings - you've got your basic salads and vegetable toppings, egg mayo, pesto, a range of cheeses, as well as a range of cold meats. Toppings range from about 50c - $1.00 depending on market value of course. Or you can choose from the set menu with its set prices, which also features some traditional favourites (smoked salmon with cream cheese and capers, chopped egg and bacon) along with Huff specialties (roast capsicum, artichokes, tomato, rocket & cheese for example!)

I was feeling something sweet this morning, so the blueberry bagel with cream cheese and jam it was!

There's nothing better than a fresh bagel that's been lightly toasted; served warm with the cheese that melts into the bagel, and combined with sweet and sour notes of strawberry jam.  Mouthfuls of effortlessly simple and pure deliciousness!

Huff Bagelry
112 Koornang Road,
Carnegie VIC 3163

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