Cupcake Central Workshop

From time to time, females get cravings. Huge, sugar cravings, that take control of our body and turn us in ravenous and vicious beings, until we find a way to curb our desires. This particular day, I was overcome by such cravings. I needed to be hit by sugar.
Whipping out my trusty phone, I opened up the urbanspoon app and did a quick search on the dessert places nearest me at that point; and to my delight 'Cupcake Central' appeared, in the level 2 dining of Melbourne Central - "But wait, I walk passed this nearly everyday, how have I never seen it before?" I thought to myself. Nevertheless, my decision was quickly made - a cupcake was the perfect solution to finding a way to satiate my cravings.

Pushed back into the corner of the dining hall, ostracised by the other oily, franchised Chinese and Indian fast food joints that populate Level 2 dining hall you will find a little beacon of light, shining brightly admist the gloomy darkness, promising you joy and satisfaction. If the queue lining up to order was anything to go by, clearly I was not the only one in need of a sugar hit.

An array of extravangantly decorated cupcakes in a variety of unique flavour combinations fill up the front glass cabinet. I felt like a little kid again, walking down the sweets and confectionary aisle and dreaming of all the sweets I could never have, only this time I was free to have whatever I wanted!
Should I go for the vegan and gluten-free Choc salted caramel? Or perhaps the Caramel Apple? But I love the sound of the Peanut Brittle! It is choices like these that make this place so unique in its variety of flavour combinations.

I ended up settling for the not-so-original Cookies and Cream since it was the special of the day. 
I was too eager. I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into this cupcake and experience the exhilirating rush of happiness my body was lacking. Light, soft and springy - it was warm, spongey-cupcake perfection. The whipped cream was so light it felt like it disappeared the moment it hit my mouth; I had to try and savour it as much as possible!

With two other store locations across Melbourne, everyone can come and share in the love!

Cupcake Central Workshop,
Level 2 Dining Hall,
Melbourne Central, Lonsdale Street
Melbourne CBD, VIC 3000
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