Within the last two years, Melbourne, and perhaps Australia in general, has developed quite a taste for frozen yogurt. Towards the end of 2011, and all throughout 2012, I started noticing these independent frozen yogurt parlours popping up everywhere and it became the new macaron and cupcake craze.
To this day, Yo-Chi remains a favourite of mine, as an ideal way to finish off a good meal. Wherever we may be, the little store in Carlisle Street, Balaclava is never too far a drive for us.
Yo-chi, an appetite for life, a yogurt a day

The process is simple - you select the size of the cup you desire and then choose any and as many flavours from the delicious varieties they have on offer. They tend to change the flavours seasonally - the last time I went they had Original, Mixed Berry, Honey Soybean, Salted Butterscotch (OMG AMAZING), Chocolate, Coconut, and Hazelnut.

Afer you've chosen as much or as little yogurt as you want, you then get to dress it up with the fantastic toppings they have on offer! The toppings include fresh fruit such as strawberries, kiwi, passionfruit pulp; crumbled halva (this is Balaclava after all haha!), Oreo cookies; bubble tea pearls and coconut jelly (for the Hello Kitty loving community :P), caramel banana, chocolate sprinkles, freckles..the list goes on! (click here for the extensive list)

My masterpiece
I love to treat every visit to Yo-Chi like an opportunity to unleash my dessert decorating desires, a grown up way of playing with and beautifying my food. This time around, I went for a generous dollop of the Salted Butterscotch, the Honey Soy Bean, and the Mixed Berry to balance out the flavours a little. For my toppings, I chose some super dooper fresh strawberries (the girl behind the counter had just cut them up and put them out when I arrived), some juicy pearls (I love popping them in my mouth!), some crumbled cookie for a bit of texture, and of course, m&m's.

And finally you arrive at the scales... that is to weigh your cup! I naturally tend to go for about 230-280 grams and end up paying between $5-$6 every time I go. 

Yo-Chi, always has been and always will be my number 1 fro-yo.

Bin on Carlisle Street, on a casual Sunday night

292 Carlisle Street,
Balaclava VIC 3183
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