Bowery to Williamsburg

Down a little cobbled alleyway, not completely unlike one you'd come across in The Bowery or Williamsburg, is a little cafe. Like all hidden gems, it's hard to spot at first, but if you're brave enough to venture down you will eventually be glad you did so.
This was my second visit in two days - the first was to try to the peanut butter hot chocolate I'd read about in this broadsheet article, and the second was for lunch.

Oliver Lane

I had already planned in my head what I wanted to say about this place before I'd even been here. I'd done my research, read the reviews and blog posts, and it was time for me to contribute to the community with my own experience. Too bad the idealised, melting hot fudge-like and gooey peanut butter hot chocolate I had in mine tasted just like my regular dark soy hot chocolate that I get from Koko Black. Only less rich, and *starts choking up* lukewarm. It was upsetting, letting my tastebuds believe they were going to be treated to a spectacular experience, and regretfully letting them down. I guess this was partly my fault though, for assuming I wouldn't need to make a special 'extra hot' request.
But I was very forgiving - the hipster subway-like entrance evoked a New Yorky vibe and sold me immediately; I was back the next day to try out the food this time!

So the deal here is, you can either order a sandwich on its own for $12.50, or you can go for the sandwich set which includes a side salad, a pickle, and a handful of American pretzels for the price of $16.50. I was pretty hungry, so I thought I'd go all out.

On a wooden tray reminiscent of the high school canteen trays American students eat off in those high school movies, I was served one hot salmon sandwich on gluten free bread - topped with a pickle, and accompanied by a lentil and mushroom with goats cheese salad on the side, and a sprinkling of crunchy pretzels. It was quite exciting. Noticing the avoidance of gluten in my order, the waitress kindly informed me that the pretzels may contain gluten - to which I confessed my order was a choice based on health not allergy. But I appreciated the sentiment!

It was a decent sandwich - layered with a generous serving of salmon, juicy heirloom tomato, horseradish, fried capers and smooth cream cheese - sandwiched in between two lightly toasted, fresh pieces of gluten free bread. It was the perfect filling to bread surface area ratio - each bite contained a piece of all the elements that made up this delicious sandwich.

The salad was warm and contained little hints of onion acidity that gave an otherwise ordinary salad the taste kick it needed. Scrumptious!

Finally, my sugar craving was met when I realised that my peppermint tea had been serve with a little Hershey's kiss! Having been born in Australia, I grew up with Cadbury dairy chocolate as my ultimate go-to chocolate confectionary, so I can't say I'm too big a fan of Hershey's - nevertheless it was a nice little addition to round off a very enjoyable 'Murrican meal!

Bowery to Williamsburg,
16 Oliver Lane
Melbourne, VIC 3000
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