Carnegie Fair

Another annual event that takes place in November is the Carnegie Fair, a locally organised function that once again brings together members of the community for a day, celebrating the diversity and local achievements of Carnegie with set-up stalls, musical shows, rides, usually over a good cup of coffee or food from one of the local restaurants or cafes.
Each year, you can predict the unpredictable in terms of weather. Anything is possible in Melbourne, especially in November. Today, it was a mixture of both blue skies...

...and a bit of grey, depending on which direction you were looking. The rain would come and go, but overall it did a pretty good job of holding off so the heaviest it would fall would be in the form of a shower.

Every year, without fail, my parents make a special trip out to the main street Koornang Road for some calamari. This is some pretty special stuff that even my mother has the patience to wait for, for even she knows only good things come to those who wait.

Locally born and bred Kuala Lumpur is a favourite amongst our family, as well as the wider Carnegie community in general. Despite the abundance of Asian cuisine outlets along the street, Kuala Lumpur has stood the test of time and defied the odds; it's success built largely upon its family-oriented service, along with exceptional food. Offering a largely extensive menu means I often struggle making my mind up whenever I come here for my takeaway - I've only tried a few dishes, but based on those, and reviews from other bloggers, Kuala Lumpur continues to come out on top.

Each year, they set up a stall in front of their restaurant shop entrance, offering their most popular dishes along with typical Asian takeaway favourites such as freshly prepared and steamed dim sims, springs rolls, dumplings, noodles, special fried rice.. the list goes on!

These rolls are the real deal - generously filled up with tender and piping hot vegetarian fillings, and are encased in a perfectly crusty outer layer that leave delicious little flaky pieces all over your lap if you're not careful when eating them!

But the main attraction, particularly for my parents? The calamari! A unique recipe created by the restaurants' owner himself, these little morsels are deep-fried in a special batter infused with a secret ingredient (otherwise known as pepper) to create these fantastically golden, tangy and flavoursome exteriors with a soft and chewy interior. It doesn't get any more simple or delicious than this!

With hordes of people grouping around the small stand each year, Kuala Lumpur continues to serves as one of the Fair's all-time favourites, but is by no means the only attraction! Make sure you place a reminder in your 2014 calendar to secure your spot in the line up for next year!

Carnegie Fair
Koornang Road,
Carnegie VIC, 3163

Kuala Lumpur,
123 Koornange Road,
Carnegie VIC, 3163
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