This post is almost 6 months delayed. Too bad I didn't have a blog at that time. I have been wanting to share my experience with LuxBite with everyone for quite some time now, but I felt a little review on Urbanspoon would not do it justice. I hope this will.

In March, earlier this year, I turned 21. I wanted to make it a memorable event, not only for myself, but also for my friends and family - I wanted to spoil them and show them my appreciation for everything they had done for me for the past 21 years by treating them to a luxury experience filled with extravagant indulging of all the senses.
When I approached Yen in regards to hiring out the venue for a 21st event function, she was attentive in listening to my needs and helpful in working around my budget. She was even happy to alter the menu to cater for my gluten-free and vegetarian friends. The final menu consisted of canapes, alternating mains, and some desserts to finish off the evening- complemented by free-flowing tea and coffee all night, which my guests definitely took full advantage of given their extensive and delicious range of teas! (Sorry Yen!)

On the day of my birthday, the venue closed off to the public at 6:30pm so that I was given enough time to set up and prepare decorations for my 7:00pm start.

A beautiful rainbow of macarons


As always, there will be those few guests who rock up late to events - but this was not a problem for Yen and the team. They happily waited to begin the mains until all my guests had arrived, but in the mean time, they pulled out several dishes of canapes as appetisers.

Sweet bean curd sushi, with sweet corn and asparagus salad & mini beef pie with mash potato

These were perfect size for a little something to start your appetite. The winner though was definitely the pie - literally bite size, but the beef was full of flavour and really packed a punch, and was neatly topped off with soft, melt-in-your mouth mash.


Beef Randang, chilli jam egg, steamed rice

Pandan Chicken burger with sambal mayo, apple & kiwi relish, Asian slaw, fried egg
This post is so delayed that I've already forgotten which dish I was originally given - it didn't matter though because I did end up having half of each just to get the complete experience of the mains served.
When Yen and I first came up with the menu, the dishes sounded so exotic to me I really struggled to remember exactly what they were. And I still struggle to this day! But ultimately, it's not whether you can remember the name, but whether you can remember the flavour - and boy, I can honestly say that these flavours I will remember and cherish forever. Again, it was the beef that really packed a punch, coated in delicious Malaysian spices that was perfectly complemented with the softer texture of the hard-boiled egg, and the side of the rice to help balance the spices of the dish.
Having said that, the pandan chicken burger was more of the quiet achiever type - I'd never tried anything like it before, I usually eat my fruit and meat separately but in this case it was the perfect match. The relish gave the dish a bit of a sweet and tangy kick, that was complemented nicely with the savoury yolk of the egg. And what topped it off for me what the presentation - you could fool anyone into thinking it was just your regular beef burger.



Banoffee opéra and the Strawberry & cream opéra

Desserts. The part of the night everyone had been looking forward to the most. And LuxBite did not disappoint. The fact my memory still serves me is indicative of just how profoundly the flavours affected me - they were both beautifully presented; with each layer holding onto its integrity with its distinct flavour. 

To top off the night, my beautiful girlfriends shouted me this giant Ferrero Rocher inspired macaron - made up of housemade Nutella, praline cream, and Piedmontese hazelnut. The pictures speak for themselves really.

I cannot thank Yen, Bernard, and the rest of the team enough for their co-operation and efforts in making my night one to remember. Thank you for putting up with my constant emails and queries, for taking everything I wanted to have, and putting together a spectacular evening that was enjoyed by all. 
I wish them all the best in their future endeavours!

38 Toorak Road, 
South Yarra VIC 3141

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